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Web Accessibility

MILLI ROSE BEAUTY is committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do. These core values are at the heart our employees and our mission as a company. 

We are continually making ongoing improvements to ensure that MILLIROSEBEAUTY.COM complies with the best practices and standards defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Our website is regularly analyzed and tested by developers with expertise in web accessibility. We are continuously discovering new solutions to further improve the accessibility of our website.

Our Current Accessibility Features

• A dedicated customer service phone line that is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 6:00pm PST: 310.801.1893

• Alternative text for designated images and other non-text elements.

• Title attributes that provide information about links and indicate new browser windows.

• Structural formatting to indicate headings and lists for better page comprehension.

• Association of forms with labels.

• Association of all data cells in a data table with their headers.

• JavaScript and style sheets to improve the functionality of the site. Alternative content is provided where necessary

As we continue to improve our website, we will reflect any changes here within our accessibility statement. Thank you.